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3 ways organizations can stay attractive to the new generation of workers

As a new generation enters the workforce, organizations are finding it tougher to keep employees while reducing...

Innovatia Accelerator @ IQPC Connected Worker 2021 (Jan 26-27)

We are pleased to announce that Innovatia Accelerator will be attending the IQPC Connected Worker 2021 Conference,...

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Cut Costs and Reduce Incidents with a QMS

How You Can Cut Costs and Save Money with a QMS

In a large operation with several assets, procedures, and locations,...

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How workplace incidents can be reduced by improving user experience

The problem for field workers

Procedure-use-culture in most organizations is unhealthy, with many field workers finding...

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Content Reuse: What it is and why your organization needs it

Why do organizations need content reuse?

Content Reuse allows organizations with hordes of procedures, manuals, and...

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The 5 Key Characteristics of Digital Content and Why They’re Critical to Your Digital Transformation

Field workers around the world are critical to the ongoing, efficient and safe operation of the cornerstone industrial...

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5 Key Phases for a successful digital transformation


A digital transformation can drastically change how an organization operates and create major efficiencies over time,...

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The digital triplet to your digital twin: The human side of the operations equation

The production equation can be boiled down to two key elements: equipment and the people who operate it. Digital...

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Why effective procedures are essential to your Energy company

Operating procedures are step-by-step explanations of how to perform a work task, such as starting up or shutting off a...

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The blueprints for Digital Transformation | INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE

Information architecture (IA) has been around since the 1970’s and yet it is still an often neglected or under-valued...