Why do organizations need content reuse?

Content Reuse allows organizations with hordes of procedures, manuals, and training manuals to organize and reuse the contents of these documents in a digital format. This content is typically stored in filing cabinets or binders, is rarely updated, and is unstandardized. By enabling content reuse in your organization, the overall amount of content needed for operations is reduced. Authoring effort is also reduced as authors can reuse the best sections of previously created content to create new content.

Content reuse is critical for organizations looking for a way to improve efficiency and cut authoring costs throughout operations.


How organizations can enable content reuse

Typically, organizations use Content Management Systems (CMS) like SharePoint or Google Drive for storing operational information and documents. The problem with these systems is that content is often stored in multiple formats, isn’t related to equipment or other content, and is difficult to find. This makes it difficult for field workers to find the content they need in a time-sensitive situation, which could lead to an incident.

AdobeStock_182072988As new opportunities for procedures are discovered in the field, content can be reused from existing standardized content.

Giving immediate access to the content operators need while in the field is crucial for reducing incidents and the success of an operation. Unlike a traditional CMS, implementing a Component Content Management System (CCMS) allows content stored as components with searchable contextual metadata. Not only is this content easier for field workers to search for, but it enables each component in the content library to be reused in new documents. Because content is stored as components, no formatting is required by the author. As information is brought into a new document for reuse, its contents are automatically formatted.

When your authors reuse content, the new content inherits the same standardization that your existing digital content and procedures have. As authors reuse content multiple times, standardization of content across the entire operation increases.


Real improvements in operations

Using the AcceleratorKMS CCMS and Content Reuse Engine, our clients have seen an 87% reduction in procedure development cost savings, and a 25% improvement in the time it takes for a procedure to go from inception to published (cycle time). Since field workers have quick and easy access to content using our system, it’s no surprise that our clients have reported a wrench time improvement of up to 7%.


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