AcceleratorKMS is a purpose-built and industry-leading Knowledge Management System for critical operational content. The digital system includes “Procedure Life-cycle Management (PLCM),” a "Connected Worker Platform (CWP)," a "Learner Experience Platform (LXP)," a “Component Content Management System (CCMS),” and a “Quality Management System (QMS).”

Find out how the CCMS in AcceleratorKMS can be used to create efficiencies and make your operation safer for workers.

Why is a CCMS important for operations?

Field workers know they have a job to do, but not if the procedures they follow are up to date or contain the information they need to correctly do their job. By providing a web-enabled single source of operational knowledge, operators gain access to factual, job-related information by looking at their phone.

In a complex operation, a field worker may need to use checklists, training documents, and work instructions for a single piece of equipment. Complicated work instructions may be multi-faceted and ask workers to jump back and forth through pages in a binder. The time it takes to flip through page after page could increase the risk of an incident in the event of a malfunction. A CCMS solves this issue.

Digital content in the CCMS can be tagged, related to assets, and becomes easily searchable for a field worker. When a specific procedure or piece of training content is needed, a CCMS can provide it on a mobile device within seconds. This is due to its ability to identify content based on the user’s job role, relation to the asset they are working on, and how it is indexed.

By implementing a CCMS, workers can easily find the indexed or tagged information they need immediately and in the flow of work on a mobile or web-enabled device.


Benefits of a CCMS when reviewing and editing

Organizations often have a hard time keeping large volumes of content up to date, as they are stored within binders or file cabinets, and rarely see feedback from field workers. Often this content is not standardized or able to be reused for faster authoring of new content or procedures. When content components are stored using a topic-based approach, those components can be reused and edited without the need for reformatting.

Visualize the following scenario. Your desktop computer is getting slow, and you’re thinking about buying a new one. However, some of the parts in your old computer are still good. Instead of throwing out the old computer, we can replace components with new ones to keep the computer running efficiently as old components become out of date. This is similar to how we update content using components within a CCMS.

Instead of replacing the entire procedure, a content reviewer could reuse a component from an existing procedure that has the accurate steps and standardization needed. As changes are made, the solution predicts what the user needs and suggests it to them. Changes made can then be reflected across multiple documents and facilities.

This capability is also useful for quickly generating new procedures composed of components from existing components. By standardizing all operational content, organizations can save millions in procedure authoring costs and reduce information-caused incidents.

Unique to the CCMS capability of AcceleratorKMS is AI-assisted authoring. This method of authoring allows content and procedures to be generated from common statements in the component library. This is useful for organizations looking to reduce time and money spent creating procedures that share a common functional or equipment-specific purpose. Organizations can author new procedure and training content for pumps, cracking units, tanks, and other critical infrastructure with just a few clicks.

Author, standardize, and maintain operational content like procedures, checklists, and training manuals at lightspeed using the unique CCMS capabilities of AcceleratorKMS.



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