The Accelerator Knowledge Management System (AcceleratorKMS) is an industry-leading solution to many of the problems organizations face today in the oil & gas, chemical, power generation, agriculture, and forestry industries. Organizations save millions of dollars using knowledge management solutions to reduce incidents, save costs during onboarding, and create efficiencies. AcceleratorKMS is a feature-rich, easy-to-use solution which is designed to specifically address these issues, while keeping costs low.

Here are 5 ways AcceleratorKMS could save your organization money.

Reduce Incidents

AcceleratorKMS digitally transforms all aspects of your business in order cut costs, while keeping workers safe and reducing incidents using Connected Worker features. Implementing this solution integrates the Asset Performance Management (APM) system with day-to-day operations.

Our solution enables organizations to eliminate paper trails, while making procedures and content easier to find, use, and understand. Workers become connected to their colleagues and the facility using AcceleratorKMS, to easily access operational content anywhere using a mobile device. Viewing procedural content in this interface allows workers to know what they are doing, when to do it, and what order to do it in. Content and procedures are chunked, tagged, and contain metadata to make searching easier for workers. AcceleratorKMS acts as the single source for all factual information in your operation, so workers can spend more time focusing on their tasks.field worker using mobile device

In addition, workers can view HSSE information, equipment specifications, company policies and standards displayed within content.

Implementing AcceleratorKMS means that your operation’s connected workers will always know that the information they receive is the right information to do their job, and to adhere to Process Safety Management Standards (PSM).

AcceleratorKMS has helped organizations reduce their time it takes to find and access critical procedures by 95% and has helped them achieve a $570,000 reduction in site safe incident costs.

Reduced Time to competency

The 70/20/10 Learning Model is based on the principle that 70% of learning comes from job-related experiences and reflection, while the other 20% and 10% come from collaboration and feedback as well as structured learning. Focusing on the connection between working and learning has the capability to generate real business impacts, and create efficiencies in operations.

AcceleratorKMS enhances the 70% of learning by making on-boarding and training simple, enabling workers to be tracked and learn “in the flow of work.” All operational learning content is displayed and curated within work instructions and procedures, connecting training to the tasks workers will face on a daily basis. Workers can activate integrated training content and reference materials within procedures to learn while still contributing to the bottom line.

forestry worker using tablet in the field

With AcceleratorKMS, you are providing all aspects of essential learning throughout your operation and can see huge savings when bringing on new employees.

AcceleratorKMS has helped organizations achieve an 83% reduction in SME (Subject Matter Expert) effort associated with keeping learning and procedural material up to date once digitized. In addition, it has helped organizations achieve a 25% reduction in time to search for training materials, and a 30% elimination of redundant content in training manuals. With AcceleratorKMS, your organization is providing all aspects of essential learning throughout your operation and can see huge savings when bringing on new employees.

Enhanced Efficiency

AcceleratorKMS enhances efficiency in the field by getting task information to workers quicker through an accessible mobile interface, while also giving them the ability to collaborate in the field. Multiple connected workers can be assigned the same task to perform a collaborative completion and can be part of a bigger workflow of tasks which let other groups of workers know when they can start their job. This collaborative completion of tasks can also contribute to workers’ further learning while on the job.connected workers using tablet in the field

 Workers can also reassign task completion to another worker to support a shift change. This ability to collaborate and say, “my task is done, yours can start,” enables workers to do their job and obtain all of their operation’s contextual information just by looking at their phone. Integrated workflows can also be created and can notify workers to change tasks when something unexpected happens while on the job.

Using AcceleratorKMS’ efficiency enhancement features, organizations have seen a wrench time improvement of up to 7.1%. One client has anecdotally referenced that, "digital procedures have contributed to the operators being able to do twice as much in half the time!"

Reduced Administrative Costs

AcceleratorKMS creates a wealth of efficiencies for several administrative tasks within operations:

  • Reduces amount of content and procedures used within an operation
  • Reduces time to create asset level operating procedures
  • Reduces time and money spent with streamlined authoring of new content or procedures
  • Enables content and procedures to be changed across multiple facilities and locations
  • Allows intelligent content reuse to expedite procedure and content creation
  • Reduces the time and money spent on reviewing outdated or incorrect content and procedures through an automatic feedback cycle
  • Reduces the amount of time spent creating learning and training content
  • Reduces time spent on assessing workers in the field
  • Reduced maintenance costs with improved safety as a result of operations assuming a portion of the maintenance activity, and performing repairs before they run to failure

Organizations which have implemented AcceleratorKMS can see an 80% reduction in content, 87.03% in procedure development cost savings, and a 25% improvement in cycle time (the time it takes to take a procedure from inception to published). Additionally, organizations could see 95% reuse in statements from content in procedures (dependent on content/procedure amount), and a 90% overall improvement in the time to create asset level operating procedures.

Real-time Monitoring and Data from daily usage

AcceleratorKMS gives organizations access to field data like never before. View the progress of all workers within their facilities in real time to ensure competency and best practices. See improved consistency of work processes based on clarity around roles, responsibilities, expectations, and accountability for all workers.

Field workers at table using tablet and planningAcceleratorKMS enables transparency and visibility to all aspects of your operation, as if there were sensors on everyone in your workforce. You can see the completion status of tasks and next steps in an operational path, generate reports, and give insights into operational and learning trends to drive continuous improvement within your workforce. This allows organizations to identify workers who may need additional training, or workers who may be incorrectly following a procedure or work instructions.

AcceleratorKMS also enables the ability to automate compliance reporting to gain valuable data on procedure adherence and review requirements for content. Once generated, reports can be used to present this data to colleagues or to find further efficiencies within the operation. AcceleratorKMS is the intelligent digital ecosystem for organizations seeking to improve operations, create efficiencies, and continually improve their workforce.


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