The production equation can be boiled down to two key elements: equipment and the people who operate it. Digital transformation of these two key elements has been underway for decades and the evolution for the equipment side of the equation has culminated in the development of the concept of the digital twin. Until now, the human side of the front-line work has typically been underserved as organizations have focused on automation, IIOT, and analytics. Today, some of the most important value realization in increasing safety, reliability, and efficiency comes from enhancements in the standardization and effectiveness of the human performed work within the production equation.  

This digital representation of the human side of the equation is the digital triplet. The tacitly understood way to run the plant, the procedures, policies, safety briefings, HSSE, checklists, training manuals and continued learning all make up the digital triplet. Though processes and equipment are key elements of an operation, the current focus on digitization has largely ignored the single biggest cause of failure: human error.  

Process industries face many risks, for example, the oil & gas industry recorded 18 fatalities and 1,600 critical injuries in 2014 alone (World Economic Forum, 2017). With this considered, organizations such as the World Economic Forum see connected worker technologies as having potential to boost efficiency and safety within this industry. However, its capabilities extend much further than just the oil & gas industry.  

What is the Digital Triplet: 

The "Digital Triplet" is a take on the "Digital Twin". To define the Digital Triplet, we will start from the familiar digital twin which is, "the digital representation of the physical plant". This could be the 3D engineering models, design plans, automation systems, asset monitoring and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). These digital artifacts make up a highly connected digital framework that supports the efficient and reliable construction, commissioning and running of a plant.  

Similarly, the Digital Triplet is, "the digital representation of the human knowledge that runs the physical plant." This includes procedures, checklists, equipment information, simulation training, explainer videos, eLearning modules, training plans, eBooks, FAQs, competencies, tests, and skill assessments. The economic model for producing anything requires mixing physical capital (plants, raw material and equipment) with human labour. The Digital Twin and the Digital Triplet are equally important in transitioning organizations through digital transformation. 

A New Approach to Work: The Digital Triplet 

New technologies have improved the way organizations store and manage contentHowever, this content is not always stored in the same format and is not always easy to find due to a lack of indexing, metadata, or relation to other content.  

field workers using tablet and mobile phoneIn our daily lives, content is all related. If our washing machine is broken, we can find a video showing us how to fix it using keywords, and on that video we might see a link to purchase replacement parts or an entirely new machine based on our search history. This is possible because the web information is truly digital, meaning it is created as tagged and interactive components that can be tracked and catalogued to enable better results over time. Field workers must also be able to find and access digital content and information like they access web content at home, in a way that is obvious and makes sense to a modern learner. 

Content stored using traditional methods like shared drives or document repositories are not entirely digital in the sense that interactivity and metadata are not used effectively to support the end user and the system’s continual improvementBy continuing digital transformation of the organization towards the field worker’s day to day activities, the digital triplet can be established to codify the human knowledge required to run a facility in the safest, most efficient way possible. Initially this means easy to find content that is reliable, standardized, and interactive. In the future this means continually improving interactions that add more and more value as people interact with them, driving continuous improvement, and contributing more data to provide valuable insights into real front-line conditions and trends.  

The future of the Digital Triplet 

Looking into the future, the Digital Triplet provides content in a language which is both human and machine readable. This means that the Digital Triplet has the capability to empower both automation and robotics initiatives in your operation, bringing the Digital Twin and Digital Triplet together. 

Going further, thDigital Triplet could see organizations using it in conjunction with simulation technology to provide scenario-specific equipment-sensitive simulations. This could be beneficial for organizations seeking to give their field workers hands-free access to operational content or for training workers in a controlled environment. connected worker using tablet with equipment

The future of the Digital Triplet looks bright, and even more organizations are implementing it to reduce human error and increase competency withioperations around the world. 

Organizations which have implemented Innovatia Accelerator’s Digital Triplet solution have already seen up to a $570,000 reduction in site safe incident costs, a 25% reduction in time to search for training materials, and a wrench time improvement of up to 7.1%Anecdotally, we have operations managers telling us that with standardized and easily accessible support content their operations staff can to “twice the work in half the time.  

Implementing a Digital Triplet like AcceleratorKMS means bringing a digital eco-system to all aspects of your business and digitally transforming the way your field workers and management do their job. The Digital Triplet is the future of creating efficiencies, improvements, and reducing incidents in operations around the world. 


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