What is a CCMS and why is it different?

A CCMS, or Component Content Management System, holds all operational knowledge and becomes the single source of truth for all operational content your workers need while in the field. A CCMS is different from a traditional Document Management System (DMS) like SharePoint or Google Drive in the way it manages content at a component level, instead of at the document level. This is an important distinction for organizations hoping to improve worker experience while creating efficiencies in authoring, reviewing, and publishing.

Before looking at the full capability of a CCMS, let’s look at some other Content Management Systems and see how they compare:

DMS: Document Management System (SharePoint, Google Drive)

A DMS is typically used for storing existing files in a Word or PDF format. A DMS does not store components and manages content at the document level.

WCMS: Web Content Management System (WordPress, SquareSpace, HubSpot)

A WCMS is typically used to store and manage content for publishing on a web page and assigns meta-data at the web page level.

DAM: Digital Asset Management System (Adobe Experience Manager)

A DAM is typically used for managing digital content such as audio, video, and graphics. It assigns meta-data, reusability, and interaction at the digital asset level. A DAM typically does not have integrated publishing but is used for posting to social media.

CCMS: Component Content Management System (AcceleratorKMS CCMS)

  • Stores content such as words, statements, paragraphs, topics, or whole books as granular components for single-sourcing and content reuse.
  • Content components are assigned meta-data, subject to governance, and have specific interactions built into the components as opposed to the top-level document.
  • Typically, does not have a single end-user interface for publishing. However, AcceleratorKMS is built for publishing procedures and operational reference materials.
  • Content can be filtered and tagged by relationships, usage, update status, equipment association, and more.


What makes AcceleratorKMS unique?

AcceleratorKMS brings with it capabilities organizations need to keep operations running smoothly in one self-contained package. It’s the combination of all the best features of Content Management Systems used in industries today. AcceleratorKMS can manage components like a CCMS, manage publishing to end-users like a WCMS, manage digital assets like a DAM, and can push out top-level documents to end-users like a DMS. This solution doesn’t only store your documents, it lets you easily manage and govern the critical operational content your field workers use every day.


AcceleratorKMS is unique because it…

  • Uses components for single-sourcing and content reuse, in addition to faster authoring and reviewing.
  • Doesn’t rely on third-party publishing tools or customized end-user interfaces.
  • Allows content to be filtered and tagged by relationships, usage, update status, equipment association, and more.
  • Enables tracking of stored content, letting users see details related to job status, review status, captured data, and more.
  • Allows components to be assigned interactions specific to process industries, such as procedural steps, data capture steps, or branching decision steps.
  • Is designed for publishing operational material such as procedures, checklists, training materials, operator rounds, and more.
  • Allows components to be updated once and published to multiple facilities or locations.
  • Allows all operational content to be viewed and used on a mobile device, anywhere in the field.
  • Answers operational needs regarding authoring, editing, managing, reviewing, governance, and publishing, all in once place.


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