For years, organizations have used the tried-and-true way of using paper documents for procedures and training materials out in the field. Organizations are now realizing that with tougher restrictions and regulations, work must be more transparent, and more efficient.


Digital procedures make this possible, while making work effortless for field workers and management. The ability to give feedback on procedures while in the field and track every interaction in real-time are only two of the benefits organizations can see when using a mobile knowledge management system like AcceleratorKMS.

The shift from paper to a full-digital mobile experience is much more transformative:


Better in high-risk, high-reliability situations

The move from a paper procedure to a mobile one is more than just putting paper on glass. When content goes digital, it needs added metadata and indexing to make it easier and faster to access for field workers. Users can access the work instructions they need quickly and be guided through each procedure step to ensure zero incidents.

Always have the latest version of content and procedures

When in a high-risk environment, having the most up-to-date procedure is critical to ensuring incidents are avoided and work is safe. Using AcceleratorKMS, workers can give feedback on procedures to expedite proactive error correction and save Subject Matter Expert (SME) time. The solution also reduces incidents by only allowing the most recent versions of procedures to be completed by field workers. These field workers have access to the latest corrections and additions made to procedures by their colleagues and SMEs.


Shave time off onboarding

Using a mobile device, workers can access training content, quizzes, and multimedia in the flow of work to become competent quicker and save Subject Matter Expert (SME) involvement in training. You can see your workers go through career advancement earlier and perform training tasks with ease.

Reduce downtime for complicated processes

Startups, shutdowns, and turnarounds can be extremely time-consuming processes, which require multiple signatures and approvals to properly complete.

Using a knowledge management system (KMS) on a mobile device gives managers the ability to check on progress remotely without having to communicate directly with workers, making for more efficient management of the process. This means the amount of radio communications, approvals, and signatures are drastically reduced.

Better management and planning

Every interaction within AcceleratorKMS is tracked, so management can always remotely check the status of every worker and process in real-time. See possible incidents sooner and ensure your field workers are performing tasks properly by reporting on trends over time.


Usable in any environment

AcceleratorKMS 3.7 introduces new features to our industry-leading knowledge management system such as intermittent wireless. Pre-load and complete procedures in low to zero connectivity zones and sync to the AcceleratorKMS database when reaching a stable signal. Field workers can now work in any area, no matter the conditions.

Never lose procedures or training materials

AcceleratorKMS 3.7 comes packed with full SharePoint and SharePoint 365 support to ensure that your critical operational materials are never lost. When content is changed, each SharePoint copy stored will also be updated.


Want to see what your paper procedures would look like as digital procedures in AcceleratorKMS?

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