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2 min read

Data Capture – The key to eliminating operational errors

COVID-19 has shown that industries must adapt to sudden changes in new hire availability and the need for technological...

2 min read

Connected Workers: Why your workforce won’t be replaced by automation

Automation and robotics in operations are on the rise and the biggest fear for workers is downsizing or being replaced....

3 min read

Digitizing vs Digitalization: What’s the difference?

When considering digital transformation for your operation, one of your questions might be: “what is the right way to...

2 min read

Why organizations must move from paper to a mobile experience for workers

For years, organizations have used the tried-and-true way of using paper documents for procedures and training...

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What is a CCMS - How it stacks up against other systems

What is a CCMS and why is it different?

A CCMS, or Component Content Management System, holds all operational knowledge...

2 min read

How a CCMS improves operations

AcceleratorKMS is a purpose-built and industry-leading Knowledge Management System for critical operational content....

4 min read

The future of learning in the flow of work

Learning in the flow of work is a powerful capability for organizations seeking to cut costs and make operations more...

4 min read

The real cost of digital transformation

Digital transformation seems like a costly venture; however, the cost of not implementing digital transformation in...

4 min read

How the modern learner can make your workforce more efficient

Modern leaners are entering a workforce where many organizations are still using antiquated technology and paper-based...

4 min read

3 ways organizations can stay attractive to the new generation of workers

As a new generation enters the workforce, organizations are finding it tougher to keep employees while reducing...